Limited Edition Prints


Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and consider purchasing a fine art print. All images on this website are available as limited edition prints of 50. Producing these photographs is my passion and life work. I, therefore, only have my images printed on the very best materials using the very best printing technology. Fine at printing is a complex art that requires very specified knowledge and technical skill to produce a high end piece. For this reason all of my work is printed by professionals on Lumachrome HD technology (with the exception of my open-edition small format prints).

Lumachrome HD


Lumachrome HD is a print surface technology that sets the benchmark for fine art printing. Many photographers regard Lumachrome HD as the highest standard in photographic image display. It produces an incomparable 3D effect, allowing details to appear as though they are standing out from the surface. All Lumachrome prints are set behind 1/8th inch acrylic glass.

Lumachrome HD characteristics:

• Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120Yrs

• Incredible 3D depth & Dimensionality

• Unsurpassed Detail & Ability to Hold Highlights

• Superior Shadow Luminosity and Detail

• Radiant Glowing Response Under Lighting



All prints are available with or without frames. Those without frames utilize a 3/4” floating backer which fastens the print to the wall. Framed prints contain a 3” black fabric liner and a 4” museum quality Roma frame. I provide four different frames to choose from or the option of allowing myself to choose for you. While purchasing a framed print is more expensive I highly recommend it. There is no better way to view a fine art image than a framed Lumachrome acrylic print. It is absolutely stunning!


Total size with liner and frame:

• 20x30 with 3” liner and 4” frame = 34x44

• 30x45 with 3” liner and 4” frame = 34x59

• 40x60 with 3” liner and 4” frame = 44x64


Small Format Prints

In addition to my high-end Lumachrome HD prints I offer all my images on fine-art paper as open editions. Each image is available as a single size (standard = 12”x18” or its closest crop size) with a white half inch boarder (total print size with boarder = 13”x19”). This option is great for those who would like a print to hang in their home, but do not want to pay the higher prices of Lumachrome HD. I print these myself and take extra care that they meet my standards. While the paper type may change, as of now these are printed on Canon Lustre Pro paper. Each print is signed and dated by myself.



Rates: All pieces ship for FREE within the United States. If you would like a print shipped outside the U.S. please contact me for rates.

Packaging: Depending on the size and display, pieces either ship in a secure honeycomb packaging or a wood crate. Small format prints ship in a flat cardboard packaging. In the unlikely situation that there is damage to the art, claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt. All prints are guaranteed to be free from defect and will be replaced free of charge.

Turn Around: Once the payment has been made the print is immediately placed into production. Please allow up to three weeks from the time of ordering for the delivery of your print.



Q: What comes with my print?

A: All prints come with mounting hardware along with an official certificate of authenticity.

Q: Will my print be signed?

A: Yes. Every piece is signed and numbered.

Q: Will my print look the way it does on the website?

A: Yes, but not exactly. Images viewed on a computer display are back lit while physical prints reflect the light around them. Processing an image for print, therefore, requires different levels of contrast, brightness, and saturation. The goal of printmaking is not to produce a print that looks exactly like it does on a computer screen, but to produce a print that is compelling in and of itself. That being said, differences will only be identifiable with a scrutinous side-by-side comparison.


Q: What is the ideal room lighting in which to display a print?

A: Ideally it is best to illuminate a print with gallery ceiling lighting at a 30 degree angle. Lumachrome HD really shows off its unique characteristics under such ideal light. This is of course not going to be suitable for most situations. If print lighting is not available, it is recommended to place the print in a well lit room but out of direct sunlight.

Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple print orders?

A: Yes. Please contact me directly for prices before ordering.

Q: Will you outfit an entire home or office building with your prints?

A: Absolutely. I am willing to work personally with you to make sure that your home or office is fully decorated with prints that captivate viewers and create a desired “feel”.

Q: Do you accept check?

A: Yes. Once the check clears, the print will be placed into production.